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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a Momentus Day

Today is a huge day in history, and there have been so many important events on this day throughout history.

Some historic events on 31/3 include:

1146: Bernard of Clairveaux urged the necessity of the second crusade, in which pretty much all the Christan groups got pissed off with each other.

1492 : The Alhambra Decree was issued, ordering 150000 jews to convert to Christianity or face expulsion.

1717: The Bangorian Controversy was initiated, which argued that there was no biblical justification for a church government of any sort.

1889: The Eiffel tower was inaugurated.

1921: The RAAF was formed.

1930: The MPPC was instituted, destroying freedom of expression and art in film by imposing strict censorship for 38 years.

1942: 5000 Jews were moved into the death camps in Stanislawow.

1951: The first US commercial computer UNIVAC I was delivered to the US census beureau.

1966: Luna 10, the first spaceprobe to orbit the moon was launched.

1985: The first Wrestlemania was held at Madison Square Garden.

1994: Nature reports the finding of the first complete Australopithacus afarensis Skull.

Notable Deaths:

1631: John Donne
1703: Johann Cristoff Bach
1727: Sir Isaac Newton
1993: Brandon Lee dies on set, while filming The Crow.

Notable Births:
250: Emperor Constantine
1499: Pope Pius IV
1596: Renee Descartes
1675: Pope Benedict XIV
1685: Johann Sebastian Bach
1732: Joseph Hayden
1777: Charles Cagniard de la Tour
1811: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
1884: Adriaan van Maanen
1890: William Lawrence Bragg
1906: Sin-Itro Tomanoga
1914: Octavio Paz Lozano
1943: Christopher Walken
1948: Al Gore
1965: Jean-Cristophe Lafaille
1969: Matt Dillahunty

and most importantly...

1984: ME!

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