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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sir Links-A-Lot

It's probably time to clean up my tabs again, so here's a big list of fairly random links.

Yesterday was Pi day.

Psychiarty on Here's Why

Ninja Kangaroo via the Sydney Morning Herald

Hemant reviews Neil DeGrasse Tyson's book 'The Pluto Files' on Friendly Atheist

Get a PDF of 'The Jesus Mysteries'

Daniel Dennett's 'Kinds of Minds' as an audiobook.

Turkish professor expelled for publishing evolutionist content

Morality is a matter of taste

Creationism changes tactics

Witch hunting continues in Africa via Atheist News

Hitler's religion via Atheist News

78yr old flogged for mingling

Some odd claims examined at Creationist Idiocy

Beautiful images of dead stuff at Morbid Anatomy

Michael Shermer looks at the Monty Hall Problem on Skepticblog

Student Jailed over women's rights via Richard

Slamming UK Antiscience via Bad Astronomy

Christian Cult Controversy

The world's Fastest Magician

Monkey Sex

Noah's Ark Built (Dinosaur's tickets refunded)

Dark Roasted Blend

Read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies online!

PZ Myers on the impending attack

Science ruins the fun in life

Hunting Humbug

Disability support oganisation running Fight Clubs for the Disabled (this is terrible)

And I've just been getting into Johnathan Coulton. Here's Still Alive and re: Your Brains


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