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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Divine Comedy

Jon Andrew Davis' 'Divine Comedy' exhibition is a collection of blasphemous, internet meme citing whimsical looks at religious topics.

Below are some gems...

By far my favourite is the Ghostbusters vs Jesus painting.

"I ain't 'fraid o no holy ghost!"

Then there's the Jonestown Cool Aid, with a splash of holy water to wash it down.

Nothing get's rid o' the demons like a jones and holy on the rocks!

Lending a sense of fun to choosing your brand of foolish idolatry is the Dartboard of blind faith.

Just don't stigmatize yourself with the darts!

And after a long, hard day's work there's nothing like the soft touch of a holy roley when you go for a Deuteronomy 23:13!

Finally I understand why it was written on scrolls!

Check out some more lighthearted blasphemy at the full Flickr set here

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