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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February's Podcasts

Looking back over February, there were a lot of really good podcasts produced throughout the various freethinking groups, and here's a showcase of some of the cream of the crop

American Freethought spoke to:
Neil deGrasse Tyson (awesome science and astronomy communicator),
Ken Miller (literally wrote the book on evolutionary biology) and
Phil Plait
(hyper excitable skeptic extraordinaire)

Astronomy Cast spoke to Bob Novella of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Atheist Experience had a double show with a call in theist Matt Slick (#592 & 593), as well as their usual terrific 'Live Calls' show (#590)

Freethought Radio spoke to Charles Darwin's great great grandson, Matthew Chapman (Feb 14)

The Infidel Guy spoke to Neil Shubin, author of 'Your Inner Fish'

Skepticality spoke with Ben Radford

The Skeptics Guide interviewed Massimo Pigliucci as well as their always interesting 5x5 mini show

Other shows worth checking out include:
(I haven't hyperlinked them... I'm heading off to work and don't have time. Just google them, they're out there. If you can't find something, I can provide links)

Australian Shows

Here's Why
Hunting Humbug
Brains Matter
Diffusion Science Radio
Here's Why
Ockham's Razor
The Psuedo Scientists
The Skeptic Zone
G'Day World
Dr Karl (Great moments in science, and the naked scientist, on Triple J)
Sunday Night Safran

International Shows

Another Goddamned Podcast
Are We Alone?
Ask an Astronomer Videos
Atheist Talk
Bad Science
Beyond Belief
Dogma Free America
Geologic Podcast
The Good Atheist
The Non-Prophets
Nova Vodcast
Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
Point of Inquiry
Rearview Radio with Rick Wood
Reasonable Doubts Podcast
Secular Nation Podcast
Slacker Astronomy
Star Stuff
This Week in Science
Scientific American's 60 second podcasts (Earth, Psych, Science, Video)

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