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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Stupid, It Burns!

Check out this video of Michael Shermer interviewing Georgia Purdom, a creation "scientist" at the Creation Museum. She insists that we can only trust the god's word, so anything science says must be wrong if it doesn't fit with bible. She believes the earth is around 6000 years old, and that the universe was created in 6 literal 24 hour days. She even talks about how we are all sinners; even her 5 year old daughter, even a 1 year old baby; and that everyone is going to hell unless they have accepted Jesus Christ into their heart. According to her, hell is full of Jews and babies. *Sigh*. Michael Shermer, as per always, does a great job at providing the voice of reason.


  1. As the late great Grahame Kennedy said: "Faaaaaaaarrrrrrkkk!!!"

    She has a PhD in molecular genetics? From which correspondence school?

  2. I think she got it here Peter: