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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Religious Advice

This is an old video, from mid last year, I think.

He seems to say that it is ok to beat your wife, then goes on to explain that to beat your wife means to tap them with a toothbrush. I feel that this could be easily misconstrued, leading to increased acceptance of violence against women. If not straight away, it is wide open for a 'slippery slope' wherein a a tap becomes a slap, becomes a shove, becomes a fist, becomes a hospital visit. I'm not saying that it will happen, I'm just saying that putting the idea out there is a dangeous thing to do.

Your wife must respond to your sexual advances. He even accepts that this is legally defined as rape in Australia. This again opens the door for abuse to take place. It is advocating that a man force himself upon his wife if he's 'in the mood'. It says that a man 'cannot rape his wife' as if, by marrying him, she has become his servant and must satisfy his every desire even if she is occupied cleaning your house for you!

So what can a woman do if she is not happy? Well, she cannot divorce her husband 'without reason' because she will be denied entry to heaven. There is a bit of fuzzy ground around the 'without reason' inclusion, and I'd be pretty sure that being beaten and raped (in the above context) would be unlikely to be reason enough to divorce her husband. I wonder if it would be easier to divorce him for eating pork?... stupid religions...

1 comment:

  1. I read a book (very short) by mustafa mahmood called "dialogue with an atheist" years ago. It's full of low brow apologia but one funny bit was regarding wife beating or "correction" as they often say.

    Mahmood says that the koran was magically correct and farsighted because science has now proven that there are two types of women; The masochistic and the sadistic. The former wants to be beaten and the latter needs to be beaten.

    Great comedy but unfortunately he's serious.