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Monday, January 5, 2009

Critical Mass Podcast #3

The Critical Mass Podcast #3 is fresh off the presses, download it now before the ink dries!

On this months panel we have:
And the topics we cover include:
  • Exorcism in Western Sydney
  • Hindu rape shame
  • Calvinists beating Atheists at scrabble
  • and a whole lot of other stuff!

Download the show directly here (34mb)

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To dive a bit deeper into the subjects we cover, here's some links...


Lie correcting subtitles YouTube teaser

Download the lie correcting subtitles torrent and add it to your DVD to vastly improve it's quality.

You can still watch the movie here (sans lie correction though)

The Bethlehem Experience

Read our blog about it, or check out the flikr set

Hindu Rape story

News report here

Clean feed

Visit the no clean feed site or the no censorship site

Read about Dave the Happy Singer at the rally here

Exorcism in Western Sydney

The Mercy Ministries exorcism links:
‘Restoring the foundations’ pages photocopied
Curing anorexia with exorcisms
Exorcism in the suburbs
Exorcism books leaked here and here

Other Mercy links
>Nancy Alcorn Mercy Ministries (1hr)

Cynic Sage questions mercy ministries

Baby hammer kill:
Couple bit child more than 20 times in fatal exorcism here and here
Man charged with exorcism death should have been in jail


  1. That was quite an entertaining show. Thankyou for the mention. On the subject of Mercy some of your information was a bit dated -not that is a criticism as such but Peter Irvine has resigned (was he pushed?)some time ago. His replacement was short lived too. If you guys want to hook up for a skype interview I could do that. I have also obtained a copy of the Restoring the Foundations manual. A more insidious compendium of fuckwittery I have not seen.

  2. Sean, I think a Skype interview is an awesome idea! Thanks for the offer!

    Other than your own wonderful blog and Mercy Survivors, which we mention in the show, do you recommend any other sites for information on the subject?

    Really glad you enjoyed the show!


  3. Actually John Weaver at Against Biblical counselling actually has the RTF manual, he was the one who bought and sent it to me.
    Mercy Ministries of America : Truth Will Out is the blog of the most outspoken American Mercy Survivor.

  4. Not forgetting The Cynic Sage of course

    Mercy Ministries filed copyright infringement claims against his videos.

    I would love to hear you guys interview Sean the Blogonaut, that's a great idea.

  5. Thanks, Mercy Survivor. I've subscribed to that too!