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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Freethinkers on the inaguration

So, you've heard lots of commercial news reports gushing over how amazing it is that a person with dark skin has become president of the USA. Ok... that's a landmark event, but the fact that Obama's skin colour is such an issue shows that we (by we I mean the whole first world) are still guilty of a racist mentality.

Racism is basically treating somebody differently based on the colour of their skin. "It's amazing that we have a black president" IS a racist thing to say. Didn't Dr King dream of a day when the colour of a man's skin should matter no more than the colour of his hair?

It does not matter to me that Obama is black. I am happy that he is in office because that means that a pathetic turd has been given his marching orders.

I'm not even 100% behind Obama. He sill holds some views that I object to and, because of the news focusing mostly on his race, I'm not even well informed about his political stances. But I am happy that Dubya is out. He just seemed to be the most idiotic president that I have ever heard of.

But this leaves me thinking "What is there to be excited about, now that Obama is in?"

For that, I'll pass you over to minds much srarper than mine. So here is what some players in the freethinking community are saying about Obama's inaguration:

What will Jan 20 do for Science-Based Medicine? by Peter Lipson
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Looking Ahead by Phil Plait
Something to Remember After the Inauguration by Pharyngula
The Highlight of Obama's Address by The Friendly Atheist

1 comment:

  1. I think it is incredibly important to celebrate the fact that the most powerful country in the world now has a black president. Only when we acknowledge such a feat can we truly move on and achieve the society that Dr King dreamed of. It is not racist to celebrate a historical moment in history. It is so important for so many people who are living today, and those close relatives, that grew up in a time of oppression and racism, where black people couldn't vote, use the same toilets, or get a seat on a bus, to acknowledge and celebrate this triumph. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that this appalling treatment of black people was not 300 hundred years ago, this was happening during many peoples lifetimes who are alive today.

    Also, when Obama was sworn in for the second time, he did not use a bible and did not say "so help me god" (as these are optional extras). W00t!!