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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sydney Atheists Blood Drive #2

Well, we've done it again.

The Sydney Atheists have potentially saved the lives of 27 people!

Saturday was the Sydney Atheists' second blood drive, bringing our total to 51 lives saved!

It's great to be able to do such a positive thing for the community and with each community outreach event, we do more to spread the idea that atheists can be positive, productive members of the community and we aren't just locked into the negative pursuit of sitting around mumbling about how we thing that there is no evidence of gods.

I can Imagine that our meetings would be a lot shorter and more repetitive if this were so. "Meeting opened. First order of business, have any gods revealed themselves?"
"Meeting closed."
It might not be the most interesting meeting, but on the plus side, there'd be more time for beer!

During the draining, as we lay there amongst a series of tubes, we could barely contain ourselves, as we heard the faint sound of a song nominated for the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards... yes, as we were donating blood WE WERE RICKROLL'D!

We took this as a divine sign that we are on the path to salvation and have decided to amp up our efforts. We will be donating again on the 4th of April, and would like to get at least 15 people this time. Please consider donating with us, it's the perfect way to give something vital to those who need it and to stand up for secular benevolence, showing the world that you can be good without god!

(Don't worry, the needle's not quite that big!)

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