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Friday, January 30, 2009

I like blogs

I have a LOT of blogs in my reader... I'm a blogophile.

As such, I have to schedule my blog reading based on the subject matter. Basically it's funny comics/cute animals/light news every morning before work, disability/psych while I'm at work, atheism/skepticism/science the evening and news on the weekends.

I have my favourites and those I subscribe to, but don't tend to read, but I like them all... unless they go crazy with the hyperlinks!


  1. Um, you did notice that the link to the Podblack one has been asking you to change the url for a while now? ;) For about... six months?

  2. Oh, links to particular blogs that are attached to certain words help them in Google search ranking. That's often why people use hyperlinks.

  3. I toned down my online time this weekend - well blogging at leaset - still spent far to much time in simulauted violence against other humans, but on returning to my google reader I had 370 posts to read. So I like blogs too :)