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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Watch Expelled! Online

Expelled is available online, so if you are interested in this utter piece of feculent garbage, have a look-see here.

Here's the first part


I would also recommend that you check out Expelled Exposed to get the truth behind the movie, there's a whole lot of interesting material there, so have a good look around.

For those of you who have obtained a copy of the film, I would suggest that no screening would be complete without the now infamous Lie Correcting Subtitles

Some have hailed this film as a masterpiece of cinema, destined to hold a place amongst the great films of all times, whereas sane critics have torn it to shreds like a pack of wild beasts.

You be the judge
(hint: it's terrible)

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  1. Sorry got some paint that I have to watch dry, and then I will be reading the Old Testament in Bulgarian.