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Sunday, November 2, 2008

We need to call ourselves atheists

This video from the Beyond Belief (2007) series really encapsulates my feelings about the label 'Atheist'.

There are some people out there that would prefer to relabel non-belief to escape the negative connotations that are popularly associated with it, but I would much more prefer to retain the label and show, through my actions, that the popular myths are untrue. This is the basis of the Sydney Atheists 'Good Without God' slogan.

I feel that if we can show that there is nothing that the church can deliver that cannot be obtained through secular means, while also exposing the damage that religious belief can cause, we will be able to show the community that to believe in a god offers no merit and only muddies the waters. By offering the same positives as religion does, along with encouraging clear thinking, inquisitiveness and rationality, we would actually be offering people a chance to grow and improve upon themselves.

I am happy to call myself an atheist.

I am a proud atheist.

I feel so full of life and excited that through reason, evidence and rationality we can further our knowledge of the world and beyond, without needing to rely on a supernatural proposition to help make sense of it all.

You can watch the Beyond Belief videos and a bunch of other stuff at the science network.

You can go straight to the Beyond Belief programs here:

Beyond Belief (2008) Science as a candle in the dark

Beyond Belief (2007) Enlightenment 2.0

Beyond Belief (2006) Science, Reason, Religion & Survival

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