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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Dawkins DVD out! "Voices of Reason"

Voices of reason

The blurb on the site:

Now more than ever before, our world needs VOICES OF REASON

Bestselling author and biologist Richard Dawkins has become a vocal proponent of reason and science. In this collection he sits down one-on-one with a scientist, a poet, a lobbyist for secular rights, and a former bishop. With this diverse collection of individuals Dawkins explores methods of conveying science to the public, the current hold religion has on many people and their politics, the fate of a world with mounting social, biological and geological emergencies, and much more.

Aubrey Manning
was Professor of Natural History at Edinburgh University.

Richard Holloway is the former Bishop of Edinburgh and Head of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Troy Jollimore is an award-winning poet and Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Chico.

Lori Lipman Brown is the director and lobbyist for the Secular Coalition of America.

The RDF has also put together a package, which includes The Four Horsemen, Voices of Science and Voices of Reason. All for $US 49

Here's the Four Horsemen

Hour 1

Hour 2


  1. You might be a fundyatheist if you have never pondered the question: why does a smart guy like Richard Dawkins regularly give atheists a bad name by putting his foot in his mouth with his inane and ridiculous pronouncements about God and religion?

  2. The other day I watched the first 5 minutes of the first hour, decided it wasn't worth watching, then curiousity got the better of me and I watched the first 5 minutes of the 2nd hour, to see if they'd yet come to say anything worthwhile...

    And the answer? No. These guys are breathtakingly arrogant. Especially Harris and Dawkins.

    Hitchens is just an antagonist who likes the idea of railing against the majority of his countrymen in America, but he's actually entertaining. He says some ridiculous things but he says them with some level of charisma. Dennett is just a softly spoken old man, a Dumbledore lookalike from the Harry Potter movies.

    Harris and Dawkins though, deary deary me. No one should show much more than contempt for either of those two. Dawkins sounded legitimately surprised that he couldn't figure out why people take more offence when you bag their religion when compared to, say, crituqing their favourite music. He actually sounded puzzled as to why that would be the case. So, let me get this Dawkins world:

    -Jesus probably didnt exist

    - It's more likely that Aliens deposited human life on earth than it is that God started the process


    - People should be equally offended when you dislike their musical taste as when you deliberately try to offend their religion?

    And yet, he says it's the God believers who are living in delusion?

    Dawkins is about as deluded as they get. Surely for anyone reading crackpot comments like the above, it must make them think twice about taking anything he says seriously?

    Ad Hominem I realise, but still, if he shows himself to be such an immense douchebag with comments like the above, why on earth would I listen to anything else he says?