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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Relay is Over

And so ends our efforts at the Relay for Life.

The weather was horrid, it was cold and muddy.

We had to do our best to 'turn the other cheek' to religious folk telling us that we were going to hell (oh, how nice of them), the Phytoplankton cancer cure woo woo promoters and the mirrorless christian reflection tent.

The coffee was bad, the canteen only sold meat and all the raffles were for stuff we didn't want.

But we soldiered on and ended up raising $463 for the cause, which was to fund research into the minimisation of the immunological problems that people suffer when going through chemotherapy, which can cause further complications through infections etc.

All up we had 14 atheists walking for the cause, all of whom deserve congratulation for all the work they have put in. (remember this when you see us at the next pub meeting).

Once again the Sydney Atheists have helped to spread positive atheism and have lived up to our motto 'Good Without God'

The next charity event will be another blood donation in a month or so, we hope to see some more people then!

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