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Monday, May 18, 2009

Holy Crap! (and other flash games)

I came across this site and just had to put up a post about it.

Freethunk is a site full fo freethinking miscellany, including articles, comics, videos and silly little flash games.

Ive been going through the comics over the weekend, and some are pretty good, there's even and archive of 'Atheist Eve' by Tracie Harris and Don Baker from the Atheist Community of Austin. Be careful, because some of them are quite NSFW.

But the most fun can be found in the little flash games. Here are a few of my faves.

Claque Beignet- in which you play an alien race trying to take over the earth, but can't because of the number of vocal singers, which destroy your ears. You have created a marvelous machine that allows you to remotely slap the singers in the face, but you must get them all before the sound becomes unbearable!

Holy Cow- you are a dead flying cow with blue polka dots, but to get into heaven you must do an acceptable amount of good in the world. You have to catch falling playing card suits and poop them out onto people praying beneath you. There's also a sewer for the poops nobody wants. If you don't crap on a person's head when they pray, they'll commit suicide!

Running Jesus- You are competing in the christlympic games as Jesus of Nazareth and have to win a sprinting competition agains other son's of the one true god. Oh yeah, and you're carrying a cross to slow you down.

Gods Playing Field- You are God (or, at least you are gods fist) and you just have to squash people. Earn points and get other funky powers, like lightening, floods and sowers of pianos!

There's heaps more to check out here.

I hope you het as much entertainment out of them as I did!

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