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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Big Questions: Faith

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  1. If there’s anything we can learn from happenings in Britain in recent years, it’s that multiculturalism is a nice idea in theory that just doesn’t work in practice. Thanks for posting though, twas a fascinating listen.

    Peter Atkins is a babbling fundamentalist fool, it’s unfortunate that he gets attention on programs like this. I once saw him in a debate with William Lane Craig, and he had this blank look on his face. I assumed it was sheer shock from the merciless humiliation he was receiving at the hands of Craig, but after seeing him in a couple of other interviews and videos since, I realise it's just his usual ugly facial expression. A bit of a senile old man, that one.

    Stephen Law, although I disagree with most of what he says as I visit his blog regularly, is at least coherent, which is more than one can say for Atkins. From the little bits and pieces I've seen from him, I like his brand of secular ethics. And, he is a pretty clear thinker who has the ability to communicate his points in a readable way. On his blog at least. Obviously I disagree about how society would go if everyone took on his atheism though, because although I agree with his ethics, I'm unsure of the logic behind how his secular outlook actually informs it.

    Hallelujah! Someone finally said it. The army guy- Don’t throw out the church because of the faults of the faithful. In other words, don’t judge a worldview by adherents who don’t stick to it’s tenets.

    Another good point- everyone has faith in something. I like this guy.

    Ultimately, I’m surprised no one dug out any statistics about benefits of faith at an individual level. Studies have shown that religious people give more to charity, in terms of time and money, than atheists, and they live longer, healthier and happier lives. They’re also more likely to be nurses, doctors and teachers- all those serving professions which uphold society. Plus, as was pointed out, how many charities, hospitals and other altruistic organizations have been motivated by faith and started by faithful individuals? Very very many.