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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Atheists not fully human

Apparently, atheists (or people who don't consider the transcendent, which isn't necessarily a trait of atheism... unless you are referring explicitly to gods) are not quite human.

From Suburban Panic

But I guess we need to ask, what is more 'inhuman'? To seek evidence and ask questions before submitting to a belief, or eating the flesh of a non-existent dead Rabbi?

Enjoy your inhumanity, I'm happy where I am thankyouverymuch!


  1. I though originally he might have just minced his words. But the guy is a regular spokesman for the church and should know better.

    I hope has been roundly condemned for it

  2. Another cock in a frock trying to shock...why are we shocked?

  3. I was hoping that sketch would wind up as commentary on a story like this. Thanks for the link!

    Back on topic, I think we should embrace our non-human nature. We're mental mutants, with powers of reasoning that far exceed those of the "normals." We're Homo Sapiens Rationalis, and we're as close to X-Men as it gets. =)