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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's time again to purge my tabs. This one's a mixed-bag, but there's so many videos that I'll put them all in a section of their own. It should take you more than a week to chomp through all that!

Jeff Coyne on science organisations and accommodationism- Metamagician
Why Evolution is True- Jeff Coyne
Tucked-in t-shirts are unbiblical- Cynical C blog
Conspiracy theories and muck tunnels
10 most fascinating natural phenomena
How to capture a giant squid- Advice for pharyngulites
Mel Gibson's family values
Atheists target UK schools
Sharia Law
PZ is pro-test
Sex, terrorism, cults astrology, scientology, pareidolia, and other nutbaggery
Perry Bible Fellowship almanac
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Religion's parasitic morality
Morality originates in religion... NOT!
Muslims killing children
Jesus and Mo: Thor

Longer videos
Why We Believe in Gods
Dan Barker vs Dinesh D'Souza
Michael Shermer: Why Darwin Matters
Evolution of Gods
BBC: The Darwin debate

Freethought videos (beware, BS abounds!)
Penn and Teller explain the basis of deception
Crucifiction fail
Scientific Proof of the bible
Outnumbered: Karen's spiritual Journey
Former Christian Coalition director argues for torture
Saudi Cleric tells children why muslims should hate jews
Texas and evolution
The perfect gift
Ghost whisperer on CBS News
Lady spots Cheesus!
Randi Speaks: Charles Lynch
Dr Phil and an atheist's wife
Christopher Hitchens vs Tom Hartman
Christopher Hitchens vs Paul Edwards
Has Christianity lost the culture wars?
Area 51 scientists explain the Roswell incident

Interesting videos
Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics
Kevin Smith talks about his superman movie
1976 swine flu propoganda
Hummus: The rap
Turbotax: The rap
Siamese crocodiles
Your Momma! (is logging on)
Wacky tribal dance

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