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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I just realised that I probably have too many tabs open and would hate to start the tab genocide without doing something with them, so here's a glimpse into the kinds of stuff I spend my time looking at.

We Get Email- The Atheist Experience Blog
Scientology Critic Arrested- Religion News Blog
Chris Hitchens gets beaten up- Infidel Guy
Open Thread on Today's (Mat Slick) Show- The Atheist Experience Blog
Matt Slick in the Christian Discussion Forum- Post Atheist Experience Show
A response to Matt Slick's Trancendental Argument- Christian Discussion Forum
Kazim's thread on the Trancendental Argument- Atheist Fools Forum
Worst Caller Ever- Iron Chariots Forum
Church and Dead Teens in Fiji- Religion News Blog
White House Denies the Existance of Carl Rove- The Onion
Humans VS Galaxies- Starts With A Bang
It's News- Ask Dr Eldritch
Gooley Eyed Clock- Boing Boing Gadgets
The Majorly Mysterious Mima Mounds- Dark Roasted Blend
Personals Ad- Amazing Super Powers
Nano Song
- Boing Boing
Biblical Counselling and Caffeine- Against Biblical Counselling
God's Thoughts- Swift
Billions and Billions of Earths- Rogues Gallery
Scientifically correct Sci-Fi- Boing Boing
Conservapedia- Kazim's Corner
The Slick Trancendental Argument- The Atheist Experience Blog
Phelps and Other Anti Gay Preachers Banned From Britain- Religion News Blog
Suicide in Crystal Palace- Religion News Blog
The Year of Panic- Seed
The Ease of Religious Manipulation
Critical Mass
Richard Dawkins Playlists- YouTube
Grape Lady Falls- YouTube
Something to Offer- Escaping Christianity

I might start doing this kind of 'link dump' weekly to tidy up my tabs and give a random link pool for you to have a look at. If you think that's a good or bad idea, let me know.

Also, If you find something interesting and want to discuss it, go mad in the comments below!

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