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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday morning movies

Ok, It's going to be HOT today, forecast is for 40+, so you're likely to be melting already!

So what can you do?

I'd recommend sitting back, pouring a glass of ice-cold beer and watching a few stimulating films.

Here's some I prepared earlier:

Richard Dawkins interviewing Jill Mytton, uncut interview from 'The Root of All Evil'

Jill Mytton left a religious cult as a young adult, and now helps counsel people who are struggling with life after leaving cult environments.

Attenborough on the Tree of Life

This is the six-minute Tree of Life video that appeared on the BBC One programme ‘Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life’ narrated by David Attenborough.

the full video is available for download here
(4 Rapidshare files a 200 MB)

Richard Dawkins interviewing Ian McEwan, uncut interview from 'The Root of All Evil'

A bit of Scientology nonsense

And Brian Malow bringing the funny back to science

Enjoy and stay cool!

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