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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sydney Atheists Blood Drive

Often atheists get stigmatised as bad people because we don't believe in a god, therefore we are immoral, baby-eating scum.

One of the primary objectives of the Sydney Atheists is to show that we can be good without god. We have a charity branch to the group and as our first charitable act in the community, we donated blood.

Blood donation is a terrific way to really help the community and show that we are willing to go the extra mile to help others out.

I'd like to thank Tynan, Nathan, Ansgar, Peter, Phillip, Karen and Robbie for donating and thanks to all of those who turned up for support.

Anyone can donate and contribute to the Sydney Atheists 'club red' pool, just tell them you are donating under a club red group and fill out the slip. And you don't have to wait until our next blood drive to get involved. You can donate at any time (with three months in between leakages). If you do, let me know by emailing me at

Our next charity event is a sponsored walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation this Sunday (12th of October). You can donate to us online through our site, or in person. So far we have raised $482 and I'm sure we can get a bit more before the weekend. Donations are tax deductable (for Australian residents) and it will do wonders to help in the research of Juvenile Diabetes.

This coincides with the sad news that our good friend from the Atheist Community of Austin, Matt Dillahunty has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes. We hope you're doing ok, Matt and we will be thinking of you on our walk.


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    How tolerant you appear to be, towards opposing points of view.

  2. My bad, I take all that back!

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