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Monday, October 13, 2008

Evangelising atheism

Russell Glasser of the ACA recently presented a lecture entitled "How atheists can be effective evangelists". I would recommend reading his slide show to anybody wanting to know more about becoming a vocal atheist. It is very well presented and makes a lot of good points about why you would evangelise, how to evangelise and how not to be a jerk about it.

It's one thing to get out there and shout your opinion from the rooftops, but it's another to do it well without coming off as a fist-shaking fanatic. I would like to see more constructive argument and less finger waggling on both sides of the religious debate. If we engage in discussions amicably, it will do a lot to further the arguments of both sides and we won't have to continually argue definitions and semantics.

There's nothing healthier for the mind than a challenging discussion.

There's nothing worse than to see a good point destroyed by emotional ranting.

Pick your arguments. Make them well. Seek the evidence.


  1. Hi Alan, thanks a lot for your endorsement! I hear you have a debate coming up with a preacher -- good luck!