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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Debate Video Online Now

The video from last Thursday's debate (more here & here) is now online.

Thanks again to everyone that came and showed support. I had a great time and enjoyed the experience. I hope to be able to get more involved in public discourse and feel that each time I jump into the ring, I finish up learning a whole lot more about what I'm doing.

So here's the video:


  1. Does anyone else absolutely hate seeing themselves on video?

    Alan, you present as very cool and collected - I know that you felt nervous, like me, but it doesn't come across! Let me encourage you to keep making public presentations, as you're clearly gifted in this direction.

    And, who knows, one day you might be persuaded...

    Good job, mate.


  2. Or you Mike might see the light :)

    Yes I hate hearing and seeing myself on video, but compiling youtube video will get you over that.

  3. Excellent work Alan, watching you debate was more satisfying than most Theist/Atheist debates I have seen - you hit virtually every nail on the head.
    Mike... well, it's harder when you're on the side that is attempting to defend fantasy and superstition. But good on you mate, good for you.