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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michael Shermer at the Wesley Centre

Here's some video of Michael Shermer at the Wesley Centre, Sydney during his debate with John Lennox on Saturday.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And Here's a photo set, thanks to John


  1. Excellent, I can catch what I missed! Thanks!

  2. The MP3 is also up at the Centre for Public Christianity's iTunes podcast site. Don't know if there is a non-iTunes source.

    I don't think I can sit through it again though!

  3. A debate? Where is the other part? Last time I saw a debate on Gods existence Michael got runned over big time. We reached the conclution that the athius community needed someone else to come forward on their behalf.

  4. Well done! Michael blew Lennox back to the 2nd century where he belongs.

    Dr.q "Michael got runned over" You clearly have trouble with the english language, can I suggest you have someone else come forward and post your comments. "athius"????? grrrrr

  5. It's good to see that this was captured on video.

    Though the debate itself was quite poor, Dr. Lennox wasn't a very good opponent.

  6. We observe in the universe, bottom-up, hierarchially-organized complex systems.

    When linear (template-replicating) molecules appeared in this hierarchy, they imperfectly passed along information for their own type of linear organization. This led to the gradual evolution among these, now-competing, modified complex systems. This is what we identify as the origin of living systems.

    Cooperative organization among these linear molecules led to specialization -- a new hierarchical level of organization

    This pattern is what Michael was alluding to when he talked about within-group, versus between-group morality, at the social-primate level of hierarchical organizational complexity.

    Cooperation/altruism is selected for among components within a particular competing complex system. This cooperation almost always involves specialization. This form of organization creates survival value for that particular hierarchically-organized system.

    Michael described the contrasting competitive sort of morality that applies between groups, where resources are limiting.

    Paul Bredderman

  7. The evidence dosent support a God of the Bible, when the bible itself appears to be based on all evidence that it is adoption of Assryo-Babyloian and Egyptian pagan religions.
    Even the Jesus figure has its roots in such demi-god such as Mithras and Prometheous. I always find it interesting to see how defensive religious groups respond to a simple review of facts.