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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sydney Atheists Rawk

Yet another great meetup last night for the Sydney Atheists at the Atheist Social Lounge! A great turnout of enthusiastic and motivated atheists and freethinkers, with loads of fun had by all. We launched the freethinkers lending library, comprising of a variety of books and DVDs which will expand over time. We are certainly well on our way to some very exciting times ahead, which we will keep updating on this blog.

There are a group of us tomorrow who will be attending the Ark Van Tour. The Ark Van Ministry, a team of young earth creationists, will be showcasing their three Noah's Ark models, which is designed to help people understand "how real the Ark was, as not many people have had the opportunity to see up close how plausible the biblical Ark was". Rod Walsh will be able to expertly answer all of our questions that other Christians are unable to answer, such as "were there dinosaurs on the ark?" Hopefully we will have the opportunity to ask some questions. Should be fun, so come along if you are in the area!!

And now for some thing completely different. Here is a very cool video of a prime example of pareidolia. See if you can make out "the face of god".

And this video is very cool too. It's lightning striking in slow motion. Nature is awe inspiring.

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  1. Face of God? MEh. Looks nothing like Alanis Morissette.