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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Faith Off!

It's taken it's time, but the Faith Off clips have finally been put up on the site.

The videos are a series of clips compiled from individual interviews into sections that each addresses a single topic. The topics are Sex Before Marriage, Homosexuality, Life After Death, Fitting In, Theory of Evolution and World Youth Day.

I am quite happy with the editing, which didn’t misrepresent my opinions like so many of these types of things do. My quotes include “As far as we know, when you’re dead, you’re dead. So you may as well make the most out of living” and “Evolution is as close to a fact as any scientific theory can be."

The site is kinda cool, there's a nifty interactive component through which you can learn a little more about each person's position on religion by clicking on them.

I had a great time doing the interview and found the interviewer to be quite receptive and interested about my position. After talking to the other participants, it seems that I was the only one to deviate from the predefined list of questions and that some of the others were referring to their notes throughout the interview so as not to misrepresent their dogma.

I am also happy with some of the responses of Richard, the Buddhist, especially his response to the World Youth Day; “in my mind, if it’s just a lot of people getting together and hearing the same old dogma and having that reinforced to the expense and to the exclusion of people using their own minds […] then they might just perpetuate a lot of the division we have in society”

Just an interesting fact, only one of us eats pork. Can you guess who?

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