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Friday, July 18, 2008

Breakfast TV atheism

It seems that someone in channel 9 must have seen the 'Faith Off' and thought that it was a bit of allright. Soon after the videos went to air on, we were contacted by the Kerry Anne show about being interviewed as a panel.

The interview went allright, Kerry Anne was a bit hard on the Muslim girl and the questions were quite divergent from those that we were expecting (we were emailed a list of questions that were the same as those we had answered in the interview), but all in all, I think it came out allright.

Before the show, there was quite an interesting discussion going on between the Catholic, the Buddhist, the Hindi and I about the psychology of faith, creation stories and world youth day. It was a much more interesting discussion than the one on air and we were all a lot more candid when we weren't being filmed.

The videos have been put up on youtube (thanks John) and have been split into two blocks to remove the ads (no free advertising's getting on this blog!)

This is the first section:

And here's the second bit:


  1. Yes Alan....the muslim girl looked very unsure how to answer some of the more confronting questions on suicide bombing. But I was told that her outragiously outspoken father Kaiser Trad was in the off camera audience, so no doubt she was reluctant to expand candidly. The segment was quite good considering it was commercial TV. You would think our national broadcaster the ABC would lead the way. Their performance has been just as sycophantic as the gutter press.

    Well done look forward to many more 'on camera' interviews in the future.

  2. Alan,

    You and the buddhist fellow came across really well, level headed. I think the Muslim girl was feeling a bit ragged on by the tone of her comment at the end