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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm back!

It's been a fracking LONG time since I've done any blogging, but I've decided that I should get back into it, because it seems like there's a lot going on and I've been feeling the need to voice my opinion...

But I should explain...

Since September, things have really started to pick up with a local group I've started up, the Western Sydney Freethinkers, which has been taking a lot of my time to organise. The good news is that now things seem to be running along with a bit of inertia, which gives me a bit of time to get back to doing the more important stuff.

There's been a whole pile of other stuff too, but things are calming down a bit now, so it looks like I'll be back in ur toobs, tellin you what I think about stuff...

Since my last post there's been heaps of stuff happening. I don't think I even mentioned the whole AVN campaign, the mountain of crazy that comes with the holiday season, developments with the Global Atheist Convention, the return of Jesus, big changes to Sydney Atheists' organisational structure, Mercy Ministry's downfall and heaps of other stuff... but then again, plenty of people have done it better that I ever could have, so I guess there's no real loss there...

Anyhoo, thanks for those of you who've hung on over the past few months. I plan to try to put up posts on about a weekly basis.

Till then,here's Ben Goldacre of Bad Science talking about the Placebo effect.


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