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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sydney Atheists Advertising Campaign

The Sydney Atheists are mounting our own Atheist Advertising Campaign!

There has been a lot of talk about such campaigns lately, from the FFRF billboards,

London Busses

and many others...

that we thought it was time to get Sydney on the Map!

We will be running a campaign with the Slogan "No God? No Worries!", an Australian touch (for those overseas readers, 'no worries' is an Australian colloquialism that basically means 'that's not a problem') to the general positive atheism being promoted through the campaigns worldwide.

We are looking forward to raising the public awareness of atheism and are looking at getting started as soon as we have raised enough money to get it off the ground.

Please consider donating to this cause.

You can donate through an electronic funds transfer to the Sydney Atheists Account

BSB: 112-879 Account Number: 410136189,

or contact us via email at or

Make your voice heard! Give now!


  1. I've got a suggestion.

    "Sydney Atheists! We promote free thinking...within naturalistic secular humanism. Join us today. "

  2. Or if you've got the space, make your position clearer by adding "within the confines of".

    "Sydney Atheists! We promote free thinking...within the confines of naturalistic secular humanism. Join us today"

    Or maybe:

    "Who needs God? Be good without him! Why? To prove that you can be good without him!"