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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

are you a *real* atheist?!

"Are you a *real* nun?" This is just one of the many conversations with Catholics that took place during world youth day. A group of us Sydney Atheists were wandering around the city, when I saw that this nun (wearing the full nunny entourage) was staring at my t-shirt, which read 'Sydney Atheists'. She stopped me and said "are you a real atheist? Oh you're not are you?", as if atheists are some weird mythological race of hu-mons that only exist in sci fi movies. This lead to quite a pleasant conversation about beliefs, values and morals, and it turns out that she has all the same moral values as us, we just don't believe in a god to be good. This was rather hard for her to understand, because atheists are evil by definition... right? Well, hopefully we opened her mind a little, and showed that we are good people, and don't do good things just because we are scared of god. She mentioned something like "oh, when you grow up, you will see the truth of the bible". Geez, I really hope not.

I am *really* enjoying reading Ray Comfort's blog at the moment. It always gives me a good laugh, while at the same time is a stark reminder that there are serious crazies in this world. I particularly enjoyed this genius piece of literary work, obviously inspired by god himself. Quote:

"If God can make an eye, an Ark is a piece of cake."

And that's it! Nice. In order to post a comment on Ray's blog, you must "respectfully capitalise the name "Jesus" and/or "God,"... well on this blog, no such rules apply, and we don't care how blasphemous you want to be, because it *doesn't mean anything*. I also wonder why Ray chooses to call his blog 'atheist central'... It is quite difficult sometimes to comprehend that this guy is actually serious, and not just a parody. The majority of his most vocal commenters are atheists who constantly have to keep correcting him on the ridiculous arguments he makes time and time again.

Anyway, I totally love this song, and just have to post it. So corny, yet so catchy and hilarious. Check it out.


  1. As I'm sure I mentioned on the day, the appropriate response when a nun asks "Are you really an atheist?" is:

    "Are you really a penguin?"

  2. "oh, when you grow up, you will see the truth of the bible"

    I did.