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Monday, June 30, 2008

TAM6 quick fix

It's now a week since TAM and I guess it's a perfect opportunity to start our blog.

So to kick it off, here's a few pics of us at TAM with some of the amazing people that we met.

We bumped into James 'The Amazing' Randi a few times over the weekend and I was even lucky enough to have breakfast next to him on the Sunday morning! We also met up with him at the CFI awards in Hollywood, where he treated Rach, Lloyd and myself to a private feat of mentalism. Good times.

Phil Plait was perhaps the first Skeplebrity that we met. Whilst at the meet-n-greet reception, we were talking to some online friends and out of nowhere we heard "Rachel!" and Phil bounded in and gave Rach the biggest hug ever! It's one thing to meet someone whose work you respect, but for such a person to recognise you and be excited about seeing you is such a bizarre experience!
Meeting Jay Novella (and the rest of the SGU crew) was one of the best experiences at TAM. As the meet and greet was dispersing and people were heading to the cigar party, we spotted the SGU guys and decided to hang around and say hi. It's a good thing that we did, we were just expecting a handshake and a photo, but ended up going out for diner and forging a friendship with them. From that point onwards, we spent a great deal of the weekend with the crew and got on particularly well with both Jay and Evan. We look foreward to maintaining the relationship with these guys.

And last, but not least, Martin Wagner (of the Atheist Experience blog and podcast). What can I say, he's such a nice guy. Meeting Martin was like being reunited with an old friend. From the start, we just clicked. We spent the Friday together and ended up going out to dinner with Martin, Thad, Stacie, Rach and myself. Throughout the rest of the weekend, Martin was like the fourth member of our group. We are truly glad to have met him and can't wait to get out to Austin to meet the rest of the ACA.

Other people that we met at TAM include PZ Myers, Michael Shermer, Penn & Teller, Steve Novella, Richard Wiseman, Daniel Loxton, Banachek and so many more...

We'll be posting some highlights and overviews over the next week or so, keep an eye out for them.


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